Is A Tankless Water Heater Worth It?


Water heaters exemplify convenience and comfort. Whether you’re filling the kettle for a cup of tea or standing underneath the shower to rinse off, you can be sure that hot water is just a button-press away. However, for all their benefits, water heaters are also known for being rather an energy-inefficient appliance.

Responsible for up to 20% to 30% of the energy bill, they are often touted as a major drain on your finances. Fortunately, thanks to advancing technology, you can now enjoy the benefits of hot water 24X7 without needing to worry about energy consumption. Introducing the tankless water heater!

Capable of enriching your daily lives with hot water on demand and that without needing any expensive setup or regular maintenance, these advanced water heaters are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. But are they worth your investment? To help you make an informed decision, enlisted are some of the most important benefits of a tankless water heater.


A tankless water heater is a big upgrade from a conventional water heater, which works by heating water and storing it in tanks. The major benefits of tankless heaters are energy efficiency and low costs. As long as you have adequate insulation and ventilation, you can use just about any fuel to power them, from natural gas to solar power. Plus, many models have an instant on-off switch that enables you to get hot water instantly whenever you need it–something that isn’t possible with old-fashioned heaters. With these advantages and more, there’s little wonder why experts and homeowners alike continue to flock toward tankless systems year after year. In essence, they’re fast, reliable, and work great for homes with multiple bathrooms or large families; they also make for much better utility bills.

Still not convinced? To help you decide whether a tankless system is right for your home, we’ve put together a list of five reasons to invest in one. Our hope is that these points will encourage others who might still be on the fence when it comes to tankless units.


Tankless systems are far more energy-efficient than conventional heaters, making them great for saving money on your utility bills—and greenhouse gas emissions. According to GE, one of America’s largest makers of tankless water heaters, some versions can save up to 70 percent more energy than conventional models during their lifespan. And because they don’t require space to store hot water, they’re also great for people who live in areas with limited real estate or rent an apartment or condo.


Since they produce hot water on demand, tankless systems ensure that you never run out of warm water and will almost always keep up with your daily demands. Plus, they also offer great shower power that means more comfort during everyday tasks like washing and bathing.


Another big benefit of tankless systems is that they’re compact and easy to install, which makes them great for people with limited real estate. This means you can install a tankless system even if you live in an area with narrow crawlspaces or small attics—something that isn’t always possible with conventional models. Furthermore, most tankless models are also very quiet; at their highest volume, most aren’t any louder than air conditioning units. So not only do they help save money on energy costs, but they’re also convenient enough that neighbors won’t be complaining about noise levels either!


Unlike conventional water heaters, tankless models don’t require frequent maintenance, which is one of their best-selling points for homeowners. That said, they should still undergo a thorough inspection once or twice per year to make sure that everything is in good working order and there are no leaks or other problems that could lead to greater damage down the road.


As with any appliance, your tankless system will have a limited lifespan. However, they last much longer than conventional models, and many users report that their systems still function well after ten years of regular use—which is great news for people who can’t afford to have them repaired or replaced every year or two.


With these five reasons in mind, it should be easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing tankless units over traditional water heaters today! Although there are certainly plenty of other benefits to owning one, these are some of their most popular selling points based on our research into user experiences.

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