How To Repair A Clogged Toilet


Toilets are important parts of the house. If there’s anyone who doesn’t release e-waste from the body, then he/she should visit the clinic for a checkup. One of the most dreadful experiences is using a clogged toilet, especially in a visitor’s home (embarrassing, yeah?) Aside from the panic that comes with the situation, you want to find a solution to the problem asap. So, in this situation, what can be done to salvage the situation? Here are a few easy steps to unclog a clogged toilet. Find further facts here.


 The flapper is placed in the water tank of a toilet, and it’s responsible for water entering the toilet bowl. To do this, open the water tank cover and place your hand on the flapper. The reader press the trigger for flushing. Immediately you notice the water level in the bowl is increasing, quickly block the flapper to prevent further water flow. Read about How to Unclog a Drain here.


A good plunger should not be stiff or hard. You can make use of funnel cup plungers for this task. After that, make use of the plunger to clear out clogs from the toilet bowl. You can also use add hot water and detergent inside the bowl before the process of plunging takes place.

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