How To Unclog A Drain


A bathroom, toilet, or kitchen drain can get clogged anytime. With the enormous function, a drain does, having a clogged drain reduces the functionality of the gutter and renders it useless till a solution is found. So, what ways can one use to unclog a drain? Here are some easy ways to unclog your drain. Click here for facts about Stafford, VA.


A clogged drain can result from grease or other particles that can be flushed with hot water. So, an easy way to unclog a drain is by washing it with hot water. This is very simple and does not affect the pipes. Click here to read about How to Save Your Money When Hiring a Plumber.


You can get drain cleaners in the stores. However, be sure you get a drain cleaner that works for all clogs (some can’t clear all clog types). Alternatively, you can make your drain clog personally with common home materials. For example, a clogged drain from grease can be cleared with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.


 A plunger is a vital tool you should have at home. A plunger can do the magic in minutes. The plunger forcefully brings out all the particles inside the sink pipe and automatically solves the clogging problem.

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