How To Detect A Damaged Pipe


When building a house, pipes are passed through the wall to the various water outlets in the home. Many times, a damaged pipe may be in the wall; however, one may find it difficult to detect because it’s hidden inside the wall. When not quickly fixed, a broken pipe can damage the house and further damage other pipes installed in the wall. A sewer pipe, when broken, can emit some harmful gases into your home, which causes health problems. Whether it be sewer, water, or vent pipe, you have to pay attention to some simple signs in the house. This will enable you to detect any damaged pipes in the wall early enough and plan for replacement. Here are some signs to see a damaged pipe in the wall.


This is one of the fastest ways to detect pipe damage in the wall. Water passes through the bricks to the outer wall and cracks any paint on the wall. Plus, you will notice some black or greyish stains on the wall. If you have a plumbing emergency, give your local Stafford plumber a call today. We will be out quickly to diagnose and fix your leak.

Touch your wall area to see if it’s wet or has moisture. When you feel the wall, and notice some moisture, then there’s a damaged pipe in that particular area that needs repair.

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