Can A Leak In My Pipes Get Bigger Over Time?


Pipes are the unsung heroes of our homes. They provide us with clean, refreshing water and distribute it throughout our homes. They carry waste away from our homes and keep our premises clean and healthy – all while being hidden from view. But pipes aren’t magic. They’re made of metal, plastic, and other materials, and they can all break down over time. The severity of the breakdown depends on the type of pipe and the surrounding environment, along with many other factors.

But no matter what the cause of the breakdown, the result is the same: water leaks. From small leaks to massive floods, water leaks are one of the worst things that can happen to your home. Not only do they cause thousands of dollars in damage, but they can also put your safety at risk.

So how do you prevent a leak from happening in the first place, and do pike leaks get bigger over time? To help you answer these questions, in the following sections, we’ll discuss the different signs of a leak and the steps you can take to fix them.


The short answer is yes. Even the smallest of leaks, if left undetected and unrepaired, can get bigger over time. This isn’t to scare you—but it does mean that it’s important to take action if you discover that you have a leak. It’s recommended that any household with an underground water source schedule annual water pipe check, which will alert you to any potential leaks before they worsen and develop into something more serious (such as mold growth). Furthermore, if you notice even a minor change in your home’s water pressure, inspect yourself or give a call to an established plumbing company right away; chances are there may be a problem developing.

Not all leaks require repair—leaks near appliances like dishwashers, for example, often occur when you don’t use sufficient plumbing tape when installing them—and sometimes they’re just part of normal wear-and-tear issues that aren’t really noticeable enough to cause concern.

However, if there are any signs of moisture seeping from behind walls or from under cabinets, make sure to schedule a visit from a professional as soon as possible! While these types of leaks can easily go unnoticed for months at a time, they’re not only potentially dangerous but also costly and are sure to double down on headaches caused by unnecessary damage and unwanted messes. In essence, leaks in pipes do tend to grow larger over time, so if you find one in your home, we recommend speaking with a professional immediately.


You might think that because your water bill hasn’t gone up, you’re safe. But as pipes age and wear out, they can develop leaks that often go undetected for years. To be sure that no serious damage is being done to your home or business, check for any of these signs of leaking pipes:


The most obvious sign of a leaking pipe is if your water meter is constantly running or registering higher than normal readings, even when you’re not using any water inside your home. This could mean that you have an undetected leak under your house or outside your building and maybe wasting thousands of gallons of water every month without realizing it.


If you notice some discoloration of your floor, especially along baseboards or around your toilet, it could be an indication that water is seeping out of your pipes and into your home’s foundation or walls. Note that some floor stains may indicate mold problems as well; if you notice any signs of mildew or musty smells, be sure to contact a professional plumber right away.


There are several ways that water may leak from your pipes and into your home’s foundation, which can lead to some significant damage over time if left unchecked. This includes the erosion of soil around plumbing lines and cracks in drainpipes, especially after a severe weather event or even an earthquake. If you see any signs of foundation problems near your home’s plumbing, contact a trusted contractor right away for help with repairs before more serious issues develop.


Water leaks can be difficult to spot and costly to repair, so you should keep an eye out for any of these signs around your home. And if you notice anything unusual with your pipes or foundation, it’s best to call a professional right away rather than wait and see what happens. Contacting your local plumber immediately will help prevent further damage and unnecessary expense.

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